Double up on music with Jasmin + Kóboykex

They are coming all the way from the Faroe Islands, with a blast of a night when they are taking over Studenterhus Odense for their DOUBLE CONCERT, which takes you on a journey to a universe of music like you have never heard it before. 

The first performers to go on is Jasmin (named by the front singer) is a young band with young musicians. They won the Faroese Music Award (FMA) three times and have taken radio listeners by storm, with her debut EP ‘I know it’s over’ from 2019.
The group calls their music genre for electronic soul-pop, and they are inspired by the culture of the Faroe Islands, but also by Jasmin Mote’s cultural roots in Kenya. Therefore, these are a part of her worldly music. 

The sound is electronica fused with Nordic noir, with Jasmin’s dark and melodic vocals.

The members of the band are Bergur Fonsdal Johannesen, Vinjar Egilsnes Petersen, Harald Fonsdal Johannesen and singer and songwriter, Jasmin Mote.
Jasmin writes and makes the songs, while the entire group arranges the music.

Feat. by Kóboykex. 

Kóboykex is a recently-formed band that describes its genre as ‘Countronica’. Like Jasmin, they are from the Faroe Islands. Their lyrics draw poignant parallels between the Faroese society and the American Bible-belt, in their electronic version of the country music.

With inspiration from predecessors, the music plays with greetings to e.g. Beck, Ennio Morricone, Patsy Cline, The White Stripes, and Mirwais,

The members of Kóboykex are Sigmund and Heiðrik á Heygum, and despite being a newborn band, both of its members are far from being newbies. Their musical backgrounds are different, with Sigmund having his roots in punk and rock’n’roll and Heiðrik á Heygum being an award-winning singer in the Faroe Islands with roots in the 50s pop and indie music.

Nonetheless, their musical co-work is very intriguing.