Rockjazz with KAWA

KAWA is an improvisational rock-jazz band from Northern Jutland, and each of their live concerts is a unique experience.

At their concerts, the band not only plays their songs they also always play 50% improvised music. This helps to keep the audience on their toes. Not two concerts will be the same when KAWA goes on stage.

The members of KAWA are Erik Lunde Michaelsen, Peter Parmo, and Aske Stubkjær, and together they play improvised jazz and rock music with inspiration from their icons.

Erik Lund Michaelsen is a trumpeter who improvises and has a penchant for the spontaneous in compositions, and for crooked constellations. He seeks to push himself as well as the audience, in his search for what ‘modern improvisation’ is.

On a daily basis, he is the leader of the free-jazz association Meutiviti in Aalborg and won ‘this year’s concert experience’ at the latest DMA Jazz.

Peter Parmo is bassist and active on the Danish stages, where he plays together with songwriter Rikke Thomsen from Southern Jutland.

Aske Stubkjær is an educated drummer and ensemble leader from the Conservatory of Music in Jutland. He has played in several places with many different bands, and he plays i.a. daily with Katrine Schmidt and TUNDRA.