End your thirst…

… No matter if it is for a nice n’ tasty coffee, hot chocolate, or maybe one of our many beers or cocktails. Then this is the place for you! 

Studenterhus Odense is the perfect place for you, who wants to combine studying and meeting up with friends with the café experience BUT without the Cafe-price.

Do you wanna feel the taste of a Pepsi(max), go fit with a Faxe-Kondi, or go all orange with a Mirinda? Maybe, you want to feel the heat with a Cappuccino, latte, espresso, latte macchiato, or chai tea? If you are getting too warm, you can also get cooled by an Ice coffee, Irish coffee, or ice-blended coffee ? 

Studenterhus Odense got you covered. 


If you prefer some healthy brain food, full of vitamins, you should try one of our smoothies. If you just want a bottle of water, Studenterhus Odense is the provider of that as well. 

And for those of you who prefer something with a little alcohol? Well, let’s just say that the opportunities are many, that no matter what you’re into, Studenterhus Odense can almost guarantee to provide it, with just about 17 different kinds of beers, 3 different kinds of cider and also some 13 different kinds of cocktails.  So no matter if you are into Odense Pilsner, Golden IPA, Norhlund Cocktail, Blue Laggon og a classic rum and cola, Studenterhus has it all.


Studenterhus Odense got that covered too. Here you can enjoy a tasty toast, with ham n’ cheese or all vegetarian. Or what about some noodles with beef or chicken?

You can also enjoy a smoothie bowl, a Greenie (with anana, avocado, pineapple, spinnach, almonds & citrusjuice + topping: granola & cocochips

), or a Reddie (with Blueberry, blackberry, banana, rasberry,& cinnamon + topping: granola & cocochips.

If you are here early, what about a Toasted bun with butter and jam, or Eggs? You can also try  a combo of Bun with egg and coffee/tea ?? or two toasts with a small soda/booster? 

AND ALSO, you can play board games while enjoying your drink or food. Studenterhus Odense has all kinds of different games, just waiting for you to use. 


Come and see for yourself what Studenterhus Odense has to offer you and your friends.