The Ginger – The floral taste of  Elderflower, the warming Ginger, and the naughty Gin in amazing harmony.

This Ginger might not have red hair, but it is still ginger nonetheless, AND it will be the best ginger you will ever know. 

Being a cocktail of amazing gin, sweet sugar syrup, Elderflower juice, lime juice, AND of course Ginger-beer. This is a tasty, light, and refreshing drink! 

This drink is amazing for an evening cocktail. The taste of this cocktail is not being all overpowered by the gin but has spiciness from the ginger beer balanced with the sweetness of the elderflower, topped with the freshness of the lime.   

Gin Hass – the Funen masterpiece (besides brunsviger)
Gin Hass, the popular Funen-developt gin, with the sweet taste of mango. But why Hass, when there is no Hass in Mango? WELL, because the name of the Funen guy who developed it, is Kim Hass.
Mixing gin with mango syrup and lime juice, he created a true gift to all gin-lovers (and even people who are not particular into gin, will most likely love this one) 

The taste is a mix of the sweetness from the mango, and the freshness from the lime combined with an underlying tone of the gin – it’s an amazing combination. 

Espresso Martini – The coffee over them allMost people are drinking it every morning, and sometimes even multiple times a day…. mhhhhh… coffee. SO why not do something we all drink even more drinkable? How? of cause by adding alcohol!
This cocktail combines Espresso as you know it, with Vodka and Kahlua AND even adds brown sugar!  Can it even get better?
The key to a perfect taste is finding the balance between sweet and bitter. And that is exactly what this cocktail can do! The taste has strong notes of coffee that are complimented by hints of sugar and cream. This cocktail is yet another excuse to get that extra cup of coffee we all need. 

White Russian – an 80’s &90’s retro-classic
The perfect cover = a cocktail undercover. This cocktails name might suggest that it is Russian, but it’s not! In this cocktail, vodka meets Kahlua and it is from the vodka that this cocktail has its name.
The sweetness from the Kahlua, the creamy taste from the milk, and the neutral spirit base provided by the vodka result in a cocktail that’s so easy to enjoy, even for those who aren’t into the taste of alcohol in their cocktails.
This is a delicious cocktail everyone should know how to make or just taste 

Blue Lagoon – The Electric cocktail, bluer than the bluest Caribbean sky
Tall, refreshing, and blue. This cocktail will bring your exotic dreams to life, as you drink it, dreaming yourself away to those sunny beaches of the Caribbean. This is the drink we all want to dive into.
The origin of this cocktail is not known for sure, but it is believed that it was created by Andy MacElhone, at his father’s New York bar in Paris around the 1960s or early 1970s. 
This cocktail is a mix of vodka and, all the way from the Caribbean, blue curaçao. The vodka provides a sturdy base, while the blue curaçao adds sweet and zesty notes. The cocktail will be toped with the freshness from Faxi Kondi, which underlines the tartness. The Blue Lagoon is a formidable antidote when the sun’s high and the temperature’s warm.

Captain Adventure –  worthy of a captain
Feeling your inner explore? Wanna go on an adventure? Here is your opportunity, and the best of it – you don’t even have to leave to get on this journey.
This rum-cocktail will definitely take you on one! It combines the beloved taste of Captain Morgan rum, with the taste of mango, papaya, and lime from the Safari liqueur and some lime juice to give freshness to it. The cocktail will be toped with Pepsi, and thereby brings a familiar taste into it, so you can find your way back home, at the end of your adventure.

Dark&Stormy – The spirit of Jamaica in a glass
This cocktail is also known as ‘Captains’ storm’ But no matter the name, this cocktail will let you taste what the Caribbean life is like when you taste the mix of rum, ginger beer, and lime juice. If this isn’t the Jamaican way, then what is?
The ginger beer brings a fizzy feeling to the lip-smacking experience of this tasty treat.
This cocktail could also be called ‘liquid Caribbean life’ because that is what you are getting when you taste this amazing cocktail. AND it gets even better if you drink it with a view of the ocean. 

Tequila Sunrise – worthy of a rock-legend 
This cocktail has it all! A nice look, amazing taste, and a celebrity to help make it big!
This is the drink that THE ROLLING STONES ordered for their 1972 tour after MICK JAGGER tasted it! They even dubbed the tour ‘The cocaine and Tequila Sunrise tour’
How crazy is this?!
With its bright bright color, this cocktail calls on memories from a summer sunrise. It only takes three ingredients to make this tasty thing: Tequila, Grenadine, and orange juice. To preserve the layer of each color, the cocktail is not being mixed but built layer by layer.
The Grenadine is applied last, and due to its density, it sinks to the bottom, creating the red layer at the base.
The taste of it is sweet and refreshing, getting the sweetness from the grenadine and the tang of the orange juice.
So even if you are not a rock star, this cocktail is worth a try. 

Irish coffee – to keep you warm all the way from IrlandDo you like to take it to the edge?  Well… so does this cocktail! How you might ask? By not only containing hot coffee BUT ALSO sugar, whipped cream, and WHISKEY.
This must be the ultimate in coffee pleasure!
It is said to be the drink that was invented to keep Irish workers warm on their travels.
The taste is like a sweet boozy coffee drink.  A rich flavor from the coffee, a sweet flavor from the sugar, and a satisfying full mouthfeel from the heavy cream.
For coffee drinkers, it’s the ultimate indulgence.